Why git keeps showing my changes when I switch branches (modified,added, deleted files) no matter if I run git add or not?


I’m really new to git and I’ve been trying to understand why git keeps showing whatever I changed in one branch in another branch when I run git checkout to switch between branches First I tried not using git add and didn’t work. However, I tried then using git add, but didn’t fix the problem. I’m not using git commit yet.

This is basically what I’m doing:

I thought that, while using branches, whatever you do in one branch, it’s invisible to all the other branches. Is not that the reason of creating branches?

I tried using “git add” but the changes are visible in both branches.
Do I need to run “git commit” before switching between branches to avoid this?


Switching branches carries uncommitted changes with you. Either commit first, run git checkout . to undo them, or run git stash before switching. (You can get your changes back with git stash apply)

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