yum + what is the message – No package ansible available


I am try to install the ansible tool on my linux red-hat version – 5.7

ansible isnt installed on my linux machine – for sure!

so why I get – No package ansible available. and how to resolve this?

the view from yum.repos.d is:

I have resolving as the following:

Update – try to install epel-release package

second update:


Ansible is part of the Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL) repository so you need to install epel-release package first

The repo should now be visible in the repo list

So now you can go ahead and install ansible

Before RHEL 7.x, the installtion needed to be done manually.
Open install epel-release package and download the newest version of epel-release for EL5 or follow the commands below

In the installation manual for ansible, this is referred to as configure EPEL

Hope this helps 🙂

Response to second update

When installing manually you may also need to expire your cache and recreate the the local repository database before you can install software from EPEL. That can be done with the following

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