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How To Create A Backup Plan In AWS Backup

How To Create A Backup Plan In AWS Backup

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You can define a recurring backup configuration in AWS Backup using a backup plan. A backup plan contains the information like resources to be backed up, backup schedule, backup vault, backup lifecycle etc. which is used by AWS backup service to take backup automatically. In this blog post, we will discuss how to create a backup plan in AWS backup using API.

How To Create A Backup Plan In AWS Backup:


  • AWS CLI installed and configured with proper access. You can use below link to install and configure AWS CLI.

Step 1: Create a new backup vault.

Step 2: Get backup template details.

AWS provides you some pre-configured template that you can use to create your backup plan. Though we will not use these templates to create the backup plan, but you can have an idea of the backup plan policy syntax by viewing the backup templates provided by AWS.

Step 3: Create a new backup plan.

Step 4: Get the backup plan details.

Observe, we have not defined any resource that will be backed-up by our backup plan. Next, we will create an IAM role and a resource that can be baked-up using AWS backup service (EBS volume for this demo) and include them in our backup plan using a backup selection object.

Step 5: Create an IAM role for AWS backup service.

Step 6: Create an EBS volume.

Step 7: Create a backup selection for your backup plan.

Step 8: Get details on backup selection.

We have successfully created a new backup plan. Now you can wait for the next backup schedule (5AM UTC everyday) to get executed as per your backup plan to test if your backup plan is working as expected.

How To Create A Backup Plan In AWS Backup

Next, we are going to delete all the resources deployed in this demo.

Step 9: Clean up.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. To know more about AWS Backup, please refer below official documentation