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How to create a basic REST API?

How to create a basic REST API?

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So far, we have discussed what is REST API and how to interact with REST API using curl, Python or PowerShell. In this blog post, we will create our own basic REST API using Python’s Flask module.

How to create a basic REST API?


  • One Linux/Windows/MAC system

Step 1: Install Python and Pip in your system and activate a Python virtual environment.

Step 2: Create your 1st REST API using Python flask.

Our REST API initialized and is listing to

How to create a basic REST API?

Next, we will make a REST API GET request to this endpoint.

Step 3: Interact with the basic REST API endpoint.

Next, we will add different HTTP methods to our REST API.

Step 4: Test your REST API

Step 5: Clean up.

Hope you have enjoyed this article. This was your first stepping stone to the world of REST API. If you want to learn more on Python Flask, please follow below official documentation.

And here is a very good series on how to create a sample REST API application using Python Flask that uses persistent data store and authentication and other features.