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How To Take Backup Of An AWS RDS Instance

How to take backup of an AWS RDS instance

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In the last blog post, we have discussed how to connect to an AWS RDS instance.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to take backup (snapshot) of an AWS RDS instance. Amazon RDS creates a storage volume snapshot of your DB instance, backing up the entire DB instance and not just individual databases. Creating this DB snapshot on a Single-AZ DB instance results in a brief I/O suspension that can last from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size and class of your DB instance. Multi-AZ DB instances are not affected by this I/O suspension since the backup is taken on the standby.

When you create a DB snapshot, you need to identify which DB instance you are going to back up, and then give your DB snapshot a name so you can restore from it later. The amount of time it takes to create a snapshot varies with the size your databases. Since the snapshot includes the entire storage volume, the size of files, such as temporary files, also affects the amount of time it takes to create the snapshot.

Prerequisites for this demo:

  • One AWS RDS instance

How to take backup of an AWS RDS instance:

Step 1: Login to AWS console and navigate to ‘RDS’.

How to take backup of an aws rds instance

Step 2: In the navigation pane, click ‘Snapshots’ and then click on ‘Take snapshot’.


Note: AWS already created one automated snapshot during the instance creation.

Step 3: Select your RDS instance and provide a name to the snapshot. Click ‘Take snapshot’.


Our snapshot successfully created.


Next, we are going to delete the auto-generated snapshot.

Note: To delete the automated snapshot, we need to reduce the backup window of the RDS instance.

Step 4: Navigate to the RDS instance, select the instance and click ‘Modify’.


Step 5: Navigate to ‘Backup’ section and modify the ‘Backup retention period’ to 0 days.



Once the modification is done, the automated snapshot gets deleted automatically.


Hope you have enjoyed this article, In the next blog post, we will discuss how to restore an AWS RDS instance from a snapshot.

To get more details on AWS RDS, please refer below AWS documentation


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