Modify A Lambda Function

Modify A Lambda Function

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In the last blog post, we have created our 1st Lambda function using python in AWS console.

In this blog post, we are going to modify this lambda function. We will also create a version and alias of the lambda function.

Modify A Lambda Function:

Step 1: Login to AWS console and navigate to ‘Lambda’.

Modify A Lambda Function

Step 2: Click on the function name.

Modify A Lambda Function

Step 3: From the ‘Actions’ click ‘Publish new version’.

Modify A Lambda Function

Step 4: Provide a version description and click ‘Publish’.

Modify A Lambda Function

Lambda function version 1 successfully created.

Modify A Lambda Function

Note: Only latest version of the function is editable.

Next, we will create an alias of this version.

Step 5: From ‘Actions’ click ‘Create alias’.

Modify A Lambda Function

Note: Currently we are in myfunction version1.

Step 6: Provide name, description and version details and click ‘Create’.

Modify A Lambda Function

Function alias successfully created.

Modify A Lambda Function

Next, we are going to modify the function definition to demonstrate logging and context. Select the latest version.

Modify A Lambda Function

Step 7: Navigate to function code section and replace function code with below code. Click ‘Save’ once done.

import json
import time
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger()
logger.setLevel(logging.INFO) #Three modes INFO, DEBUG and ERROR

def lambda_handler(event, context):
print('Hello world from print')'Hellow world! from logger')
print("Function name:", context.function_name)
print("Function vrsion:", context.function_version)
print("Function ARN:", context.invoked_function_arn)
print("Log stream name:", context.log_stream_name)
print("Log group name:", context.log_group_name)
print("Request ID:", context.aws_request_id)
print("Mem. limits(MB):", context.memory_limit_in_mb)
print("Time remaining (MS):", context.get_remaining_time_in_millis())
return {
'statusCode': 200,
'body': json.dumps('Hello from Lambda!')

Note: We are writing a bunch of logs of function context using print and logger statement.

Next, we will invoke this lambda function manually using AWS CLI.

Step 8: Login to EC2 instance and execute the below command.

aws lambda invoke --function-name myfunction --log-type Tail outputfile.txt

Note: You can also execute the previous version of the function by providing the version details. #aws lambda invoke –function-name myfunction:1 –log-type Tail outputfile.txt

You can view lambda logs under CloudWatch Logs section.

Modify A Lambda Function

Hope you have enjoyed this article. In the next blog post, we will modify this function and add a trigger to this function.

To get more details on Lambda, please refer below AWS documentation

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