A process running on Powershell freezes randomly


I’m running Node.js server with Powershell. My server stops working randomly, for a reason that I do not know.

I’ve googled Node.js stops working randomly, ExpressJS stops working randomly, etc. hundreds of times and injected debugging code stuff to my Node.js code in order to fix it.

But I cannot prevent it, I cannot! What’s wrong with my server?


In fact, it is not because of Node.js, but because of Powershell’s QuickEdit feature.

With Powershell’s QuickEdit, you can easily mark some text by just dragging it.
… and your process(script) working on the shell freezes when you’re marking some text.

You can disable it by:

  1. Right-click the title bar of the Powershell window and click Properties.
  2. Uncheck QuickEdit Mode on the Options tab.

What I did for weeks was a complete waste of time!


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