Adding a generic service to cluster from powershell


I’m a newbie in clustering and I’m trying to create a generic service to a cluster using PowerShell. I can add it without any issues using the GUI, but for some reason I cannot add it from PowerShell.

Following the first example from the documentation for Add-ClusterGenericServiceRole, I’ve tried the following command:

This throws the following error:

What’s the connection between the network and my service? And why aren’t these details required when creating it from the GUI?

I also tried another approach, creating the resource with:

This command succeeded but I noticed in the GUI that the ServiceName is blank, and thus the actual service cannot be started. If I could somehow change the ServiceName property it should do the trick. Again, from PowerShell I tried the following:

I’ve been struggling for a couple of hours now with no luck. Is there something basic I’m missing? I think this shouldn’t be as complicated as it might look.


I had the same problem; I had to add a large amount of services and got stuck with the “ServiceName” as well.

First, a note on the Add-ClusterGenericServiceRole command: this is for creating the service resource and the role at the same time, as opposed to just adding the service resource to an existing role.

Now, the solution is that you have to set the parameter “ServiceName” with the Set-ClusterParameter command. You can do this for an existing service resource like this:

However, you probably want to create the resource with everything it needs in one go, like this:


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