Auto Complete User Input PowerShell 2.0


I have a large list of data (over 1000 different values) and I want the user to be able to select certain values from the list from a PowerShell console.

What is the easiest way from within the console to allow the user to quickly select values?

I would like to do something like tab completion or the ability to use the arrow keys to scroll through the values but I am not sure how to do either of these things.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


PowerShell tab completion can be extended to custom parameters and parameter values (in v3). However, this is a property of advanced functions. You can use the ValidateSetAttribute to do that.

Check the Technet help topic on advanced functions:

You can replace the tabexpansion (v2) and tabexpansion2 (v3) function in PowerShell to auto complete parameter values outside of advanced functions. You can get a basic definition of this in PowerShell v3 by running

Here is an example of showing custom tab expansion function.

But, if you want to the user to be able to auto complete values for a Read-Host kind of input, you need to write a proxy for Read-Host to achieve that.

You can, optionally, look at PowerTab module at


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