Boo to the Chocolatey Gods



This utility is to help configure Git through a certified Microsoft Visual Academy (MVA) video that I was going through.

I receive a peculiar error when I install packages through Chocolatey.

  • I’ve uploaded Command Prompt
  • Pointed directory to Chocolatey Bin Directory
  • Attempt to install via cinst poshgit

It downloads and appears as if it is working, it even creates the directory under C:\Tools\Poshgit. Then it gives me the following:

[Error] Cannot bind arguement to parameter ‘Path’ because it is an
empty string. At
char 2

Which resulted in a failure, I’m not entirely sure why either. It is a fresh install of Chocolatey. Am I doing something wrong?


So installing Git and Posh-Git hasn’t been too pleasant, how I fixed the error was by reinstalling Chocolatey, then doing the following:

I know it is a tedious command, but I reinstalled with the above then did the following through Power Shell (Ran as Administrator).

That didn’t fully resolve as there were reminents of the previous failure, so I did:

Once I typed git I had access to the git commands and was able to:

Without any additional problems, the issue derived from the Command-Line install, should of just started with Power Shell.


Boo to the Chocolatey Gods by licensed under CC BY-SA | With most appropriate answer!

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