Calling dynamic variable in PowerShell


I am trying to create a new variable that would use other variable with dynamic name as its value. Here’s what I am trying to do:

I have a System.Array with two values:

Another variable, $Transactions has a list of various transactions.

I am trying to use each of those $Years values in the following way:

Now what I would like to do (within that same foreach loop) is to use that $Transactions_$Year value when I am creating a another new variable, like this:

Is this possible, or do you have any alternative ways how I could achieve this?


First of all, your New-Variable invocation doesn’t do what you think it does, as you’d pipe the output of New-Variable to Where-Object instead of using the value of $Transactions | Where ... as value for the variable. You need parentheses for that to work:

If you absolutely have to use this approach, then you can get the variables again via Get-Variable:

However, multiple variables with magic names is a rather poor way of solving this. You probably rather want a map:

And you can get all transactions for 2015 with $TransactionsPerYear[2015].

Another way is Group-Object which doesn’t even require a list of possible years to begin with, but groups a number of objects by some property or expression result:

(This is a guess on how it could work. It seems like your date string contains something up to a period, after which there is the year and nothing else, so perhaps something like dd.MM.yyyy date format.


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