Can’t change PowerShell font and window size on Windows 8.1


My PowerShell window opens with a very small font (and window size). This is a common problem, and I found a bunch of suggestions for how to deal with it, but none of the suggestions seem to work. Specifically, the common suggestion that one should open PowerShell with admin privileges, change the properties, and then close the window, doesn’t work. It’s still small the next time I open it. The only way I managed to get it to open with the right font and window size, was by opening the application directly. Any invocation via a shortcut doesn’t give the right properties.

I’m running Windows 8.1, which seems to be the main difference between my situation and that of the other users who had this problem. Any idea how to fix this?


For Windows 8.1, in Start, find PowerShell.

Open file location. Open shortcut Properties (right click menu). Security tab → Edit your permissions to Modify.

Select Font tab (skip errors – nothing is set hence the problem). Select Font (I set Lucida Sans Size 16).

Apply (changes). Security tab Edit permissions remove modify. Apply. All done.


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