Can’t get Move-AzureResource working


I’m trying to move some of my resources (Azure Web Apps, Azure SQLs, Redis caches) from one resource group to another. I’m using the Azure Resource Manager PowerShell cmdlets.

Here’s what I’ve tried:


just Move-AzureResource, hitting enter and supplying the parameters one by one.

None of the commands seems to work. They just don’t do anything. No error, no output.
When I changed the debug preference to $DebugPreference = "Continue" I got only the following:

Please note that I’m able to create a new resource group (New-AzureResourceGroup), list resource groups (Get-AzureResourceGroup), list resources (Get-AzureResource), etc.

Note: you have to call Switch-AzureMode AzureResourceManager before you can use the cmdlets. The authentication is done by Add-AzureAccount.

Articles I’ve been referring to:


The original issue is fixed in the 0.9.4 release. I just tried and it works.


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