Create a network bridge between two network adaptors


I’m trying to create a Network Bridge with Powershell, but there is no documentation on where to start.

Is it posible to create a network bridge with powershell between two network adapters on a Windows 10 machine?


According to Microsoft (from June 2019 and still valid as of June 27, 2020):

There is no supported way to programmatically create a bridge.
Bridges can only be created through the GUI.

Also, the link given in other answers actually shows that netsh cannot be used (see the Remarks section):

The install and uninstall commands are not supported in the
netsh bridge context. Network Bridge can be set up or removed only
through Network Connections.

The only supported commands are:

  • netsh bridge show adapter
  • netsh bridge set adapter

Just like the quote says, on Windows 10 Pro, netsh bridge install gives the message that @SalamiArmy posted:

Network Connections is the page where you can change adapter settings: Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections.


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