Create GitHub actions that use powershell scripts


I’d like to create a GitHub action that sets up an environment in Windows, running a few Powershell commands. Despite this can be done easily as a step, there does not seem to be a way to create a complete GitHub action for that. If I use this:

There does not seem a way to run anything other than a JS script, or even to declare the environment. I understand that’s left for later, during the job steps, but anyway it looks like a hack. Is there anything I’m missing here?


You could also run docker directly with an entrypoint for the .ps1 script


The using field is the application to use to execute the code specified in main. But Github Actions only support using node12 and docker. As seen from this GHActions I just ran for example’s sake.

Docker won’t run in most Windows environment and you’d have to use Windows Server 2019 as your base environment.


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