Debugging / unloading PowerShell Cmdlet


I am writing a PowerShell Cmdlet in C# using Visual Studio 2015. Debugging it works fine, but I cannot rebuild the DLL until I close the PowerShell window. The DLL seems to be in use and therefore cannot be deleted (not on the command line nor using explorer). I tried remove-module. This successfully removes my Cmdlet but I still cannot delete / overwrite it.

It is very unhandy to close PowerShell, rebuild the DLL and then reopen a new PowerShell, cd to the DLL path (usually deeply nested), re-import it again, start the command to debug, and so on for every single debugging session…

Is there no better solution to unload the DLL?


I’m afraid there is not much you can do about this behavior as far as I know. One trick is to immediately start a new PowerShell session inside your existing session before loading the DLL. Then you can exit out of the second one and you have a brand new without the DLL loaded. Just remember to start a new “secondary” session before loading it again in case you need to unload it again.


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