Edit .XML file with Powershell, encoding


I need to edit a .xml file with powershell. The thing I need to do is to download the .xml file from the server, updated the version number, and then save it in my local computer. This is what I did.

Then I will have a new xml file in my local computer. However, I doubt the coding is different since I can’t process with this .xml file.
The .xml I should get is something like this:

However, after editing with powershell, the .xml contains some hidden info. I tried to open with NotePad++, I got something like this:

Can anyone tell me why is the situation?
Thank you so much.


“” is the Byte Order Mark for UTF-8. There is a solution for writing a UTF-8 file without the BOM here:
Using PowerShell to write a file in UTF-8 without the BOM


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