Find specific .exe files on a computer with PowerShell


So at the company I am currently doing my internship at, they have about 20 ‘technical laptops’ that have company-specified software. They are located in the C:\ directory.

For example:

aaa.exe is located at C:\aaa\aaa.exe

bbb.exe is located at C:\bbb\bbb.exe

What I actually need is a .ps1 script to show these specific executables in a list.

What I have so far is:
Get-ChildItem C:\ -recurse | where {$_.extension -eq ".exe"}

Now, I believe it’s just edit the search query because this gives me all the .exe files on the C:\ drive and I just need aaa and bbb.

FYI: I need the script so that I can use it to monitor zabbix agents and see if the specific software is on the computer so I can run this script on the Zabbix Server.


You are looking for the -include parameter:


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