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I have a directoy X that has say 500 subdirectories. What I need is a quick way to just get only my directory and the names of these 500 subdirectories in my X directory (so, no Mode, no LastWriteTime or anything else, just the name) and pipe it to a file.

So, for example, I have this:

What I want to get piped to a txt file is this

How can I do this using PowerShell or CommandLine?
I am using Windows 7 and PowerShell 4.0


Get-ChildItem will do the same thing as dir in command-line: it gets whatever is in your directory. You’re looking only for directories. PS v3 and up has this built-in by using the flag of -directory. In older PowerShell versions, you can pipe your Get-ChildItem to a Where{$_.PSIsContainer to get directories and then pipe that to select Name to just get the names of the directories, not their full paths (e.g. “Dir1” vs. “X:\Dir1”). If you want the full path, use select FullName. Assuming you want that as a CSV, pipe that to Export-Csv followed by the name of the CSV you’re creating, such as DirectoriesInX.csv and if you don’t want the type information, add the flag of -NoTypeInformation.

PowerShell v3 and up:

PowerShell v2 and below:


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