Git and PowerShell and German umlauts


I’ve been struggling with trying to teach msysgit how to deal with German umlauts (ä ö ü) in e.g. commit comments. No luck …..

So I thought I might try to use PowerShell and its git integration instead (PoshGit). But again – no luck:

(“Einige Dateien hinzugefügt” = some files added)

Interesting – I could have sworn that the German umlauts are part of the UTF-8 standard….. hmm……

And sure enough:

No banana 🙁

WHAT ON EARTH do I have to do to get either msysgit (the “Git bash”) or PowerShell to cooperate with Git on the commit comments? I’m not even asking for supporting file names with Umlauts… just the comments (pure text) for now…..

Also: putting this

into my .gitconfig also doesn’t seem to have any effect on my commit comments and git log …. 🙁

Any ideas? Thoughts? Pointers??


There’s an unofficial installer for the experimental Unicode version of msysgit which you might want to give a try. Feedback to that installer is appreciated on the msysgit mailing list.


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