How can I change icons for existing URL shortcuts using Powershell?


I am wanting to change the icon for an existing shortcut using Powershell.

I played around with it but I couldn’t set the changes so I went online and came up empty-handed. I’ve seen examples with VB and Command Shell but nothing with Powershell. Nearly 99% demonstrated how to create the shortcut but I just need to know how to change the icon and only the icon.

Here is what I did so far:

I’ve tried working with the WScript.Shell ComObject but that seems to only create new shortcuts.

I feel like where I was going with it would work if there was a way to save, update, and apply the new IconFile path in the object.

I’m doing this as a fix action due to icons (or maybe something in the symbolic LNK?) “breaking” and defaulting to a generic icon. Seems to only be an issue with shortcuts. The shortcut works perfectly, everything is fine but for one reason or another, the icons default. If I go in and reapply the same icon name through the GUI, it won’t change. However, if I change the name of the .ico file by any measure and then set it, it works. Don’t know why it is doing it but I was wanting to create a PS script that would do it automatically (and I was looking for an excuse to jam out a script)


The CreateShortcut method will create a new OR open an existing shortcut. Here’s a short script, where you will need to define $ShortcutPath, $IconLocation, and $IconArrayIndex:


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