How can I retrieve an assembly’s qualified type name?


How can I generate a assembly qualified type name?

For an example, when configuring a membership provider, I would have to provide a assembly qualified type name for “SqlMembershipProvider” (in this example, i have copied the below configuration from somewhere) in “type” attribute.

How do you generate that assembly qualified type name?
Does it have to be typed manually everytime by examining an assembly type?

[UPDATE]: Simpler PowerShell version


This is a nice handy tool (shell extension with source code) for copying the fully qualified name to clipboard by right clicking on any assembly.

Update: After seeing the comment from dance2die, thought of putting together a sample powershell script to export the type name to a csv file.

Using C#, if you want to generate the assembly qualified type name with all the references set, it is easy to build a test script using reflection..


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