How to catch exceptions in PowerShell?


If I have a piece of code that throws an exception I get an error message, but I have no idea how to correctly catch (or determine) the exception that is being thrown. Normally I’ll just catch System.Exception which is a bad idea.

Here is an example… I’m trying to create a folder on a drive that doesn’t exist:

I’ve tried catching System.DriveNotFoundException, but rerunning my script still produces the uncaught exception.

Are there any tips as to effectively handling any type of exception?


Right after running the command inspect the contents of $error[0]. Look at the Exception property e.g.:

That particular exception would be [System.Management.Automation.DriveNotFoundException].

BTW if you want to “catch” that exception, you will need to convert the non-terminating error into a terminating error using -EA Stop in order for it to generate an exception that you can catch e.g.:


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