how to change PowerShell mode to fulllanguage mode from constrained mode?


I open the PS or PSISE, they are both constrianedlanguage mode which I do not expect.

I don’t know why it’s ConstrainedLanguage. Two days ago it’s just the PSISE is in constrainedmode and the PS is fulllanguage mode. Now after I restart my computer, both of them is constrainedmode and it’s so bothering me because I really need to use the full mode..

I’ve tried to start PS as admin, not working. Tried to create a new environment variable __PSLockdownPolicy and set it to 1 or 0, still not working.

I tried “powershell.exe -version 2”, and it’s fulllanguage but the version 2 is too low that I cannot use some advanced module.

I expect I can open the PS in fulllanguage mode. Thanks for all your help!


The lock down policy isn’t available in PowerShell v2. You can check if you have a Group Policy applied to your machine by running from an administrative command prompt:

You can search the output for PowerShell to find PowerShell related group policies that may be applied to the system by a system administrator.

You can check if

If configured, a setting of 8 = Full language mode.
This could be configured in registry HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SESSION MANAGER\Environment__PSLockdownPolicy

If you can’t find what is locking down PowerShell launch ProcMon and set a filter:

  • Operation is RegQueryValue Include
  • Process Name is PowerShell.exe Include
  • Process Name is PowerShell_Ise.exe Include
  • Result is SUCCESS

And launch PowerShell, you can look through the keys that are loaded, and check the details column for what the value is set to. Through this approach you can identify anything registry configuration locking down PowerShell. If the lock down is applied by group policy you can delete the key to temporarily enable it, but once group policy re-applies the setting will come back, if it is not changed from administration level.


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