How to correctly ignore Import-Module errors in PowerShell


I’m currently having issues whilst calling Import-Module with Powershell and would be grateful for some advice.

According to previous questions and answers here, the following error, when received whilst trying to import a module using PowerShell, can be ignored:

File skipped because it was already present from “Microsoft.PowerShell”.

The problem is that it will get caught if the import command is within a try / catch statement.

I’ve read a number of posts regarding this (example PowerShell on SCOM fails to import module) and one did mention to try adding “-ErrorAction SilentlyContinue” to the Import-Module command, but unfortunately this makes no difference.

Below is the code I’m currently using to test the issue which should give you a better understanding of what I am trying to achieve.

Has anyone managed to successfully ignore these warnings on module import whilst wrapped in a try / catch before?

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