How to enable a PowerShell script to return help text when using Get-Help or -?


How do I get my PowerShell script to display help when a user requests help via:


For example, to describe my scripts parameters etc.

Updated question

I tried the suggested answers. But I don’t see the expected output.

I simply place added the following code to myScript.ps1.

When I tired

Get-Help .\myScript.ps1

, it shows as follows

I was expecting to see the description of the parameters. I tried both.PARAMETER <-silent> and .PARAMETER -silent. Same results. What is wrong?

Related question update 2 after processing more

I can see the help file after adding parameter section as follows:-

But very important to see full help file I must use
Get-help .\myscript.ps1 -full
Otherwise, it doesn’t show full help information.

But here comes my next question. When I tried -full. It shows some irrelevant information. I would like to omit this information to be shown to the user. Now it displays as following:-


It performs Collection Bootstrapping silently or parameterized based.

C:\es\dev\myscript.ps1 [[-action] ] [[-file] ] [[-sasHostname] ] []

For silent operation, user has to fill configuration file with desired value at Eurostep.SAS.Collection Bootstrap.Config.psd1. This
configuration file has to exist in
the same directory of Eurostep.SAS.CollectionBootstrap.ps1 PowerShell script.





I don’t want to show RELATED LINKS INPUTS OUTPUTS , etc.

Is there anyway to remove them from help informtion. Even -Full is used?


The simplest way to do this is to add comment-based help to your script. This is a special comment block that is formatted with specific keywords and then the associated text for those keywords. For example:

These are the keywords I tend to use by default but look at the full list described here for others you might want to include:


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