How to install Ngrok 2.0 on linux subsystem on Windows 10


I am trying to use Ngrok to create an introspected tunnel to localhost webhook development tool on my Linux subsystem (Powershell –> bash)

I try to install ngrok using the following:

From what I understand the sudo command used installs ngrok v 1.6.
When I attempt to execute ngrok 80 I get an error:

I searched for this in another post and was informed that ngrok v. 1.6 is obsolete and in order to continue using ngrok would be to upgrade to 2.0

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It’s advised to download from the website, which is simple enough, but what is the correct way to download for linux subsystem use? Should I download for Linux and unzip? Or am I suppose to download for Windows?

Let me know if I’m misunderstanding anything


I use ubuntu since years, I trust the online instructions so either do:

or try to use this instruction and let me know if you have problems

the same instructions are included hear

$ is just the sign from your terminal. You do not need to input $, but you need to open the terminal (ctrl+alt+t), run the unzip command to unzip the folder.
You will find the folder under your downloads. So / is the root of your machine. You need to go inside your home folder which will be /home so you do cd (change directory) followed by that path

then you do ls to list all the directories. You should see your profile with your name username. You should be able to get in the download folder with cd <username>/Downloads where <username> should be replaced with your personal folder name

At this point you are inside the Downloads directory. You can do an ls in your terminal, find the name of the file you downloaded (should be something like and run

where file name is the file you downloaded (something like or you can go back to the root directory and run

Read the documentation on how to use ngrok. Try it out by running it from the command line:

Also I read from the documentation, that you can set up that address

There is some discussion online about this

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I can help you more but I need your feedback


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