How to install ScheduledTasks module on Windows 7


Is it possible to install this module that ships with PS v3.0++ on OS different then Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012?

I am aware of all PS alternatives but none is so complete as mentioned module (PowerShell Pack’s TaskScheduler, ScheduledJobs, schtasks etc..)

It defies logic that such important module can’t be installed on older systems.


You are out of luck. See the explanation here. I’ll post a part for completeness:

The long answer is that you can’t because, for the most part, those
modules are based on CIM (WMI) classes that were introduced in Windows
8 or 8.1. A lot of the system management functionality you see in
modern Windows is based on CIM classes that then use the CDXML
approach to create PowerShell modules.
Installing the new CIM classes on Windows 7 is not possible – so you can’t get the modules on which they are based.


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