how to schedule a macro automatically in outlook?


i want to know how to schedule automatically a macro for outlook.
I ‘ve created one macro which extract the attached file from an email and store it in a folder.
This macro is working very well when i execute it by clicking macro “execute”.

But i want this macro execute automatically everyday for example at 08:30 before coming to my office.

Thank you


One way would be to use:

  1. A to automate Outlook. I’ve added sample vbscript for saving an attachment from the first item in the Outlook inbox below. The main differences between the vbscript and the equivalent vba automated from an app such as Excel is that in vbscript you can’t declare types explicitly (ie VBA’s Dim strTest As String is Dim StrTest in vbscript
  2. Use Windows task scheduler to schedule daily execution.
  3. You will probably need Click Yes to suppress the Outlook security messages.


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