How to switch current user using powershell?


my task is to create new windows local user, log in, using it and then do some actions. Creating new user wasn’t a problem but i don’t know how to switch current user to new one.

What i did is a piece of script which start new powershell window using new user:

Is is possible to start doing rest of the script in this new window??


Simple way is following:

  1. Create a script (let’s call it init.ps1)
  2. Put in it all actions you want to invoke for user
  3. Add execute right to this script to $config_name
  4. Change your last line to (-noexit is just for debugging, without it powershell will close window after execution finish):

Start-Process powershell.exe -Credential $mycreds -NoNewWindow -ArgumentList “-noexit -command FULL_PATH_TO_SCRIPT\init.ps1”

More difficult way is to install WinRM and use commands with Enter-PSSession (examples in the end of this link:


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