How to use powershell to copy several excel worksheets and make a new one?


I have about 70 excel files I want to combine into a single document. Each document has only one sheet and follows this format:

  • Row A with Columns A-F of headings
  • Row B with the first entry
  • Row C with the second entry
  • Up to 150 rows on some sheets

I want to scrape the information from Columns A-F for each row, and combine it into a new file with the information from all of the other files I have in the same directory.

Note: I only want to capture Columns A-F since in Column G there exists a Yes, No dataset to manage the drop down list in Column F.

I tried using dugan’s answer from Copy Excel Worksheet from one Workbook to another with Powershell but it resulted in a file with part of the data spread across two sheets.

Here is that code:

Any suggestions? Thank you.


Ok, it’s a few days later, but you can thank the weekend for that. Take a look at this and see how you like it.

That’ll get a list of excel files, open Excel and create a new document, then cycle through the list of files, opening them, selecting Columns A-F, copying those columns, going back to the new workbook and selecting the next available row, and pasting the data from the other workbook. Then it closes that file and moves on to the next one. At the end it saves your workbook with all the data and closes excel.


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