maximum data size in a remote command


my powershell script sends a file to several clients within customised session using following code (code is shortened)

The full copy function is described here:

The problem arises with a file larger than 52MB. it fails with following error:

As you see in the code, i use customised ps session. when i set MaximumReceivedDataSizePerCommand to very low values (like 10kb) it fails with a message which tells maximum is 10kb, so i assume that MaximumReceivedDataSizePerCommand is applied to ps session object.

Is it required to do this configuration on remote machine or somewhere else? what is causing this error?



You need to create a new PSSessionConfiguration (this to not use the default one) in your remote computer:

Then configuring the parameter you want (in this case MaximumReceivedDataSizePerCommandMB and MaximumReceivedObjectSizeMB):

Then create the new session with the PSSessionConfiguration you need:

in your local Computer.

In this way using the Send-File from I copy a file of ~80MB size.
Bigger size return me outofmemory exception.

More on this here.


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