NuGet Package Manager Console unable to load PowerShell


After performing an in place upgrade from Windows 7 Pro to 8 Pro I have been unable to get NuGet’s package manager console to run in Visual Studio 2012 Pro. The error I receive is:

I have searched for the last several days for ways to fix this but have been coming up completely empty. I have tried all of these with no avail:

  • Disabling all Visual Studio add ons
  • Resetting all settings
  • Reinstalling Visual Studio
  • Repairing Visual Studio
  • Starting PowerShell before Visual Studio (Does this just mean launch PowerShell and then launch Visual Studio?)
  • Running both PowerShell and Visual Studio as admin
  • Running Visual Studio in safe mode
  • Setting Power Shell ExecutionProperty to unrestricted

Visual Studio has been exhibiting other odd behaviors such as consistently crashing while trying to add a Click event to XAML on a specific page as well, and because of this my gut says it’s not really Power Shell or NuGet but an issue with my OS/Visual Studio.

Unless someone has a solution I think I’m down to just doing a clean install of Windows 8 and hoping that that fixes it.


I found this issue which is very similar to yours:

Embedding Powershell v2.0 in .NET app on Windows 8 RTM

Can you try the solution on that question to see if it fixes it?


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