PowerShell and Excel Issue when Automating


I am facing a curious problem.

When I ran this code :

in PowerGui, POwerSHell host..anywhere, it works beatiful.

If I put into a .bat and calls powerhsell “c:\temp\excel.ps1” works fine too.

But If i try to schedule this guy into schedule task or run by a sql server job type cmd the error happens :

Exception calling “SaveAs” with “1” argument(s): “SaveAs method of Workbook cla
ss failed”

Only when It is called by SQL Server Jobs ( that is a simple cmd command too and the line is the same as the .bat powerhsell “c:\temp\excel.ps1” ) the error happens.

What it can be ? I tried change the fileformat..etc..and nothing

Thanks Guys 🙂


The Solution is :

You have to create a folder (or two on a 64bit-windows):

(32Bit, always)




The solution is in the Forum :

Solution Forum MS


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