Powershell and logparser arguments


Im trying to run some logparser commands from powershell but Im having issues with passing the arguments across correctly, heres the excert from my script;

d:\scripting\smtplogs\logparser\logparser.exe “SELECT TOP 50 Receiver, COUNT() INTO %TMPOutput%\TopReceiversNDRALL.gif FROM %TempDir%\PostAll.log WHERE Sender LIKE ‘<>’ AND Receiver NOT LIKE ‘%%go-fmtopper%%’ GROUP BY Receiver ORDER BY COUNT() DESC” -i:TSV -iSeparator:space -headerRow:OFF -iHeaderFile:”header3.tsv” -lineFilter:”+10.” -o:CHART -chartType:ColumnClustered -config:MyScript.js -chartTitle:”Receivers for NULL messages ALL for %DateGraph%”

Ive read loads about encapsulating arguments but cant seem to figure out how to make this work!

Any help that you guys could provide would be very appreciated.



For a complex string parameter, try to pass the argument using powershell here-strings so that you wouldn’t have to worry about escaping single/double quotes

UPDATE1: I couldn’t get the fomratting working so here is the screenshot.
alt text

UPDATE2: I was able to format the code finally.

Make sure that you add a new line between the here-string monikers @” and “@.


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