Powershell and network paths


I am calling one of my scripts from a network path. Script basically only calls another program and passes to it the current directory as an argument.

When I pass $PWD as an argument, the path that my program sees is “Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::\my_server\public”, and it of course fails because it expects standard UNC path.

My ad hoc solution was to simply do .Replace("Microsoft.PowerShell.Core\FileSystem::", "") and it worked, but I wonder what is the real way to convert path from this “powershell” format to the standard UNC.

Is there a better solution?


Use $pwd.ProviderPath instead.

gt; $pwd|fl -force *

Drive :
Provider : FileSystem
ProviderPath : \\localhost\h$
Path : FileSystem::\\localhost\h$

Besides, there is a -replace operator, you don’t necessarily need that method call.


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