Powershell and Regex: How to replace a INI name,value pair inside a named section?


I’m playing with INI files in PowerShell v.2.0

I want to change a existing name=value pair inside a concrete section. By example: I want to set color=Blue for section [Sky] without change the same name,value pair inside [Home] Section.

I have the regex to get just the full section I want to change (‘sky’):

I have also another expression that works, but only if Color is the first name,value pair of the section.

This is the sample ini file:

PS: This is the code that i’m using now to replace all instances of a name=value in the ini file and i want to update with the new expression to replace only in a given section


@TheMadTechnician solution it’s perfect 🙂
Here the code in a Gist: ReplaceIniValue_Sample2.ps1

@Matt solution is another approach:
Here is the complete code: ReplaceIniValue_Sample1.ps1

I’m looking for a solution based on regular expressions, but @mark z proposal works perfectly and is a great example of API calls from Windows PowerShell. Here is the complete code with a few minor adjustments: ReplaceIniValue_Sample3.ps1


Here’s what I’d do: Read the whole file as a single string, then change your RegEx match so that it’s a multiline match, then do a reverse lookup for [Sky] followed by capturing anything except ‘[‘ up to the option you want to change, capture everything on the other side of the equal sign in a second capture group, and replace as needed.

Edit: Almost forgot the obligatory RegEx101 link to explain my RegEx: https://regex101.com/r/uC0cC3/1

Edit2: Changed -Raw to -ReadCount 0 for v2 compatibility.

Edit3: Ok, I evidently remembered incorrectly. I thought that -ReadCount 0 worked the same as -Raw but it does not. Updated code to fix this. Now it joins the array of strings with new line characters basically turning it into a here-string and now the -replace works as expected.


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