Powershell .count function not working as expected


I’m trying to get a list of all scheduled tasks on a server within a certian path that don’t have a LastTaskResult of ‘0’. Just displaying all failures.

Simple bit of code I thought but it’s not returning as expected, my code is:

If I remove the second line I can see that there is one value returned but the count is returning nothing (not even 0)

If I run the same but using -eq then it gives me a count of 2 which is correct, anyone come across this issue before?

I’ve had a look around but I can;t see anything.

(Just a note, I’m very new to Powershell)


You are correct, Count is not always reliable for every situation. Especially not in the older versions of PowerShell.

Please use the following CmdLet:

This can be enhanced to:

More information on this CmdLet can be found when typing:

As in the answer of @Lieven, you can also force your result to be an Array:


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