Powershell Round Up Function


I would like to round up to two decimal places in Powershell.

I start with the double “178.532033”. If I use the Excel ROUNDUP function to two decimal places I get “178.54”.

However, if I use the Round function contained within the Math class in Powershell I get the result “178.53” (because I am rounding as opposed to rounding up):

Is there a way to round up to two decimal places in Powershell?


This is handled easily by the ceiling and floor methods of the math class.



If you want to round to two decimal places, multiply by 100 before using floor/ceiling then divide the result by 100.

I find that you are rarely going to be the last person to edit a PowerShell script, and keeping them simple is key to not getting an e-mail a year later wondering what you were doing with a complex transformation in a script that no longer works.


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