PowerShell: Run script from shortcut using relative path


EDIT: To future readers, in short, PowerShell scripts weren’t intended to be used this way which is why there is no elegant solution.

I have the following line which runs a script as an administrator from a shortcut:

C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe -noprofile
-noexit Start-Process Powershell -verb RunAs -ArgumentList “C:\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Scripts\test.ps1”

I want to change:


to a relative path like:


but I haven’t figured out how I can do that. How can I run the script relative to the location of the shortcut? (The shortcut and script are in the same folder)


Here is an ugly workaround.

Shortcut.lnk file with Target: %COMSPEC% /C .\launcher.cmd (source) and Start In: %CD% (or blank).

Launcher.cmd file with contents:

PSlauncher.ps1 file with contents:

Surely there is a better solution. Maybe with the -WorkingDirectory parameter of Start-Process? Or storing credentials with the Convert*-SecureString cmdlets? Count me curious.

Why do you want a shortcut?


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