Powershell Throttle Multi thread jobs via job completion


All the tuts I have found use a pre defined sleep time to throttle jobs.
I need the throttle to wait until a job is completed before starting a new one.
Only 4 jobs can be running at one time.

So The script will run up 4 and currently pauses for 10 seconds then runs up the rest.
What I want is for the script to only allow 4 jobs to be running at one time and as a job is completed a new one is kicked off.

Jobs are initialised via a list of servers names.

Is it possible to archive this?


You can test the following :

This command uses the Invoke-Command cmdlet and its AsJob parameter to start a background job that runs a scriptblock on numerous computers. Because the command must not be run more than 4 times concurrently, the command uses the ThrottleLimit parameter of Invoke-Command to limit the number of concurrent commands to 4.

Be careful that the file contains the computer names in a domain.


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