Powershell to Exchange 2013 – Restricted language mode error


I’m working on a C# web service that will be deployed on an Exchange 2013 server. This service will be responsible for running powershell commands to configure Exchange.

I connect via a runspace created like this

Using this runspace I am able to run basic powershell commands on the server.

But running more complicated commands gives me errors (this does work if run directly through powershell)

After searching I found that I might have to register a new PSSessionConfiguration and make sure the scripts are running under PSLanguageMode = FullLanguage. See this post

I tried to do this, but as soon as I change the shellUri to http://schemas.microsoft.com/powershell/MyConfigName I get the following error.

Using the following shelllUri gave me the same error http://schemas.microsoft.com/powershell/Microsoft.Powershell

This led me to try the following directly through powershell on the exchange server

Like from the C# code, I can only use the Microsoft.Exchange configuration, but this configuration doesn’t exist according to Get-PSSessionConfiguration, and the configurations that do exist in that list won’t work.

I am now wondering how to add a configuration with FullLanguage that I can use when calling powershell from code.
I might also be completely wrong, and my issue is not related to PSSessionConfigurations at all, but then I still wonder why I can’t see the Microsoft.Exchange configuration anywhere.


I ended up getting support from Microsoft and they provided the following solution which works. Instead of connection via a remote powershell session, it is possible to connect to the local powershell and then import the remote session. Doing this fixes the issue.

Error handling not included in example below


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