Powershell v3 New-JobTrigger daily with repetition


Powershell v3 comes with all these new job-scheduling cmdlets. They look great, but I’m having trouble creating a specific trigger. I need to run a job daily, repeating itself every hour, for a specific interval.

Using the Task-Scheduler UI is straightforward, but I can’t find my way around the New-JobTrigger cmdlet.

If I use the Daily parameter-set, I don’t have the Repetition option:

If I use the Once parameter-set, I can’t have the Daily option

What I need, but obviously doesn’t work, is a mix between the two. For example:

Is it possible? Maybe mixing several triggers for the same job?


This works for me:

Note – I know that the original question was related to New-JobTrigger
The intent was to provide a possible solution that may be translatable
to New-JobTrigger as well given the issue applies to both.


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