Powershell v5.1 Invoke-RestMethod and bypass proxy


I am currently in Powershell V5.1 and would like to bypass Internet Explorer proxy on a Invoke-RestMethod command.

In Powershell V6, there is the -NoProxy option that indicates that the cmdlet will not use a proxy to reach the destination.
This is to bypass the proxy configured in Internet Explorer and this is exactly what I want to do.

In Powershell V6, the code would be something like:

Any workaround in V5.1 ?



I know this is rather old, but as I like to have good solutions, too, I will post mine to this thread.
I actually used this and it worked perfect (Also for Invoke-WebRequest):

Maybe this helps someone else, as I did not find good solutions on the net so far. If someone needs special Proxy Settings, I believe he can also fill the $Proxy with the values, which might allow more settings than Invoke-RestMethod or Invoke-WebRequest.
Edit: Please remember that this is only for 5.1. For Core, use the -NoProxy Switch!


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