PowerShell via C# Console Output different


Fairly new to C#, not so new to PowerShell.

I want to use C# to execute PowerShell code. However the output of objects isn’t in the same as running commands in a PowerShell window. I get back the object’s name rather than its data. Here’s what I’m trying:



However in a PowerShell command line window it returns a more formated table view:

PS C:\Dropbox\PowerShell> ps | ft

Handles NPM(K) PM(K) WS(K) VM(M) CPU(s) Id SI
——- —— —– —– —– —— — — ———–
131 12 1980 2572 85 0.45 13216 1 acrotray

Really would like two things:

  1. code that will produce the same output as the PowerShell command window
  2. an explanation of what is going on so I can learn how to navigate it better

Thanks in advance!


I figured it out, thanks to a code example on codeproject I figured out that the command “out-string” needs to be added to the end of all commands. So the extra code to add is:


I wonder if the console is simply doing this or if there is more to it.


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