Regex returning complete line instead of match


I am trying to regex out a date from a text file. This is the content:

Storage Manager
Command Line Administrative Interface – Version 7, Release 1, Level 1.4
(c) Copyright by Corporation and other(s) 1990, 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Session established with server TSERVER: Windows
Server Version 7, Release 1, Level 5.200
Server date/time: 11/22/2016 15:30:00 Last access: 11/22/2016 15:25:00

ANS8000I Server command.

I need to extract the date/time after server date/time. I have written this regex:

This works perfectly in regex101. See example on
However, in Powershell it reacts different.


Server date/time: 11/22/2016 16:30:00 Last access: 11/22/2016


gives nothing.

I am not sure why the match is not the same.

Thanks for any help!


The -match operator returns a boolean value showing if a match was found or not. Also, it sets the $matches variable with the match data (the whole match and capture group values). You just need to access the whole match:

See Using -match and the $matches variable in PowerShell.

Note that there is no need escaping / synmbol in Powershell regexps, since this character is not special, and regex delimiters (those outer /.../ as in JS, PHP regexp) are not used when defining a regular expression in Powershell.


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