Result set is object for 1 record, array for many?


I can’t believe it, but all indications are that my PowerShell code is returning the result of a SELECT query that finds 1 record as an object, but if there are two or more records the same code returns an array of objects. What am I doing wrong?

Below is the code:

When $result is only 1 record, $result.Count returns nothing, and I can access the columns as $ and not $result[0].id. If there are 2 or more records returned the opposite is true.

Please tell me I’m doing something wrong, and that this is not the way PowerShell works.


PowerShell returns results based on this simple algorithm:

  • More than one item –> return an array of those items
  • Just one item –> return the item

Often it is good practice to coerce PowerShell to always return an array, using either of these:

However, these operators are not identical! You can safely apply the @() grouping operator to anything to force array output–an array always has a Count property, for example:

The comma array construction operator, on the other hand, works like this:

…because it builds a nested array with whatever it is given.


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