Return Powershell PSObject as DataTable in C#


I’ve written a Powershell script that reads a CSV file and returns a predetermined collection from the data. Below is a sample output of said script.

I am able to obtain the results in C# by storing it in a PSObject like so:

Now when I’m expecting a single object, I am able to obtain each value and assign them to variables like this:

However, I am having trouble converting this solution to a dynamic one. That is to say, the number of rows is expected to vary. So I’ve implemented this before when the source is a SQL database using a solution similar to the one posted here so I’ve assumed that datatables should be the way to go but I cannot get it to work in this scenario. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!

Note: The Powershell script component here is compulsory as it includes other mechanisms to formulate the output so while I could just read from the CSV file using C#, this is simply not an option.


What I understood from your question is that you want to have DataTable for further data process and you want to use it in your respective collection.

You can proceed like this:

Hope it’s helpful for you.

Documentations are present: Doc 1 and Doc 2


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