SendMessage is causing script to hang


I am having an issue where the SendMessage() function is causing a script to hang and thus never exiting though it is running the SendMessage like it should (Its task completes). Is there anyway to get around this because I am having a heck of a time killing it from the master script.


will not kill it. With out the force on remove-job it reports it cannot kill it because it is not finished.

I need to call this many times per day and each time I do it spawns a new powershell.exe eating about 30M of memory.

Note: The code will turn of your monitors if you run it and the “@ needs to be at the beginning of the line (can’t tab it over to look nice).

Also this hangs just the same without start-job so I do not believe it is related to start-job causes scripts to hang. MS Support. Further this is Win7Ent/2008R2.


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Change SendMessage to PostMessage. It worked for me.

The difference is that PostMessage is asynchronous and it doesn’t have to wait for any response.


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