Terminal vs PowerShell


I am been currently studying AWS, and my online instructor uses “Windows PowerShell”, however, I have always used “Hyper Terminal” for MERN stack. What is the difference between the two, and what sets this two apart from the Command Prompt?


I am not familiar with Hyper Terminal but I see there are terminal emulators online that go by that name therefore I assume you may be using a third party terminal emulator.

PowerShell is a newer shell and also happens to be an object-oriented scripting language.

As far as Windows shells go, I can use PowerShell to do anything I used to do with CMD. Generally speaking, I would say PowerShell really shines when it comes to Windows System administration which is my primary use for it and it saves me a great deal of time.

As far as terminal emulators go, I feel the default terminals for both PowerShell and CMD are pretty much the same and are very lacking compared to 3rd party offerings or even the default terminal that comes in any modern Linux OS.

For a free “Microsoft” alternative to replace your default terminal, I would recommend the open-source “Windows Terminal” app. The addition of tabs, panes, zoom function, easy to read text, and easy ways to start different shells (such and CMD or PowerShell) or even start a WSL session with your choice of Linux OS is a major improvement to the default Windows terminal app.


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